The Coronet Maxi is one versatile skirt! Wear what you love and wear it the way you feel!
The first item I want to make you aware of is, when you wear it as just a skirt it is recommended to fold over the waist band.
This will make it a normal 3" comfortable yoga waistband and put the pockets where you can reach them.

Let's take look at some other unique ways to wear your Coronet Maxi!

Alone as a dress is super comfy and flattering!

Grab your favorite v-neck and tuck it in for the empire waist look!

Wear it as a dress with a cardigan and your off!

No spanks needed! You can breathe! You can be you!

So far, this may be my favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe.
I am a size 8 and wearing a One Size Coronet.

Feel free to ask a question or tell me what you think of your Coronet maxi!